Access Policy Manager (APM)

How to organize remote access to applications?

After watching the videos below, you will learn more about the principles of remote work with the F5 BIG-IP APM module, as well as make sure that the module is easy to set up and efficient in real projects.

Secure Remote Access with

● SSL VPN as the most popular remote access method● Secure web application publishing● Secure RDP publishing through proxy and encryption


F5 BIG-IP Access Policy Manager (APM)

is a functional module that allows you to provide secure access and work with applications, regardless of where users are located (within the corporate network or outside it).
Also, with the help of APM, it is possible to simplify the approach to defining security policies (without prejudice to the latter), i.e. access policies are tied to the user's credentials, and not to his location.

To understand if the module's capabilities are right for you, we suggest trying APM, and our experts will help you
test implementation "from" and "to"!

Specificity of the implementation of Access Policy Manager on real projects

Three reasons to try BIG-IP APM

Clarity of configuration

All stages of granting access and the sequence of user verification are intuitively clear, many authentications and authorization protocols are supported, and captcha will help to filter out bots

Flexibility in customization

Each virtual server, as a traffic entry point, can have a separate policy profile and provide access to the required set of applications/VPNs/protected resources


BIG-IP APM has special discounts for an annual subscription and a lifetime license during quarantine

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F5 in the largest telecom operator

In th video, Pavel Lyga — Lead Networks Engineer, Ukrtelecom, talks about the company's case. The task was to provide secure remote access for employees. The challenge was in the announcement of the end of sale of the solution which was used for a long time and completely suited Ukrtelecom. The choice of a new solution, what were the requirements, how it was implemented, and what issues were resolved — you will find out in the video!