Local Traffic Manager (LTM)

Turn your network into a dynamic application infrastructure


F5 BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM)

is the basis of the F5 software secure delivery solution.
BIG-IP LTM includes static and dynamic load balancing tools such as Dynamic Ratio, Least Connections and Observed Load Balancing, with the ability to dynamically monitor the level of group server performance.

Five benefits of BIG-IP LTM

Fast and reliable delivery of applications

Providing customers and users with access to the necessary programs when they need them

Transition to SDN and cloud networks

Implement operational consistency and compliance with business requirements in physical, virtual, and cloud environments with flexibility and scalability of deployments.

Easy deployment and management of programs

The user-defined F5 iApp Templates simplify deploying, managing, and achieving complete visibility in applications.

Ensure the security of critical applications

Protect business applications with industry-leading capabilities


Setting up and automating programmable infrastructure

Control applications from connectivity and traffic to management thanks to the unique F5 TMOS operating system, including built-in protocol support, open management API, and an event-driven scripting language.

To find out if the product features are right for you, we suggest you try LTM, and our experts will help you conduct a test implementation.

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