Application layer protection with behavioral analytics, proactive bot protection, and sensitive data encryption

Web Application Firewall (WAF) protects your applications from data leakage by eliminating vulnerabilities and stopping attacks.
F5 Advanced Web Application Firewall (AWAF) provides protection against the most advanced attacks using behavioral analytics, proactive bot protection, and application-level encryption of sensitive data without the need to update the applications themselves.

Traditional WAF

Basic protection

OWASP Top-10 is an updated list of the top 10 attack vectors for web applications.Traditional WAF provides protection against known attack vectors, but does not cover the full range of threats OWASP Top-10


Filtering is known for bad requests. If the bad request is not blacklisted, it can become a loophole to bypass WAF


Advanced Web Application Firewall

Provides protection against modern attacks using behavioral analytics, proactive bot protection, and application-layer encryption of sensitive data without the need to update the applications themselves.

Proactive bot protection

Protects applications from
automated bot attacks and other malicious tools

Advanced Defense

Advanced WAF combines machine learning, threat intelligence, and deep application expertise

Anti-Bot Mobile SDK

Protects mobile apps with allow list, behavioral analysis,
and secure cookie verification



Protect applications from the most dangerous security threats included in the list OWASP Top 10

Behavioral DoS

Behavioral analytics and machine learning provide highly accurate DoS detection and remediation at L7 level

API Protection

Deploys tools that secure API REST/JSON, XML, and GWT

Protection against the use of stolen credentials

Protection against brute-force attacks using stolen credentials

Data encryption in the browser

Encrypts data at the application level to protect against data-mining malware and man-in-the-browser attacks


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The best WAF solutions in Q3 2022
Forrester's Top Web Application Firewalls


The evolution of web applications has challenged companies. Organizations must now manage an increasingly complex application ecosystem, as attacks against them remain among the most popular vectors. Web application firewalls (WAFs) have been standing guard over security for years. But today, companies seek to protect a broader range of applications with fewer resources. Forrester analysts prepared a report where they formed the requirements for modern WAF solutions, evaluated the products of 12 vendors and analyzed how they work. You will see how each supplier meets modern requirements and will be able to choose the right one for your needs. 
The report will cover: ● The most significant vendors of WAF solutions ● Requirements for modern web application firewalls● Important decision criteria● Products of vendors 

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Traditional vs Advanced: Which WAF will cope with modern attacks?


The very name of the Advanced WAF solution seems to say by itself, "I am more modern, much more reliable, and many times more functional than you, so get out of here!". And it may have been happy to leave, but for some reason, the old WAF is still used in most companies.

F5 believes that if there is a threat the solution does not know how to fight, it is more than enough reason for changes in the direction of AWAF. Details about modern threats, mechanisms of their operation and countermeasures with the help of A-/WAF are described in a separate material.

Let's analyze the matters:
● Why traditional WAFs are less effective● Automated threats are the driving force behind modern attacks● The weakest link? Browser● How to implement more modern methods of protection

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End of sale BIG-IP ASM

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F5 announced the end of the sale of the ASM module. Instead, a more functional Advanced WAF solution will be available. Current users can either continue using ASM until the end of support is announced, or upgrade to AWAF for free. It is important that a subscription to Threat Campaigns is required for all advanced features to work correctly.